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AARAS has in-house Stevedore service with a professional team of cargo operations.  They are responsible for loading and unloading a ship’s cargo within the specified time frame assigned by Ship Master. Loading, distributing and transporting the cargo to a different location within the port and other dockside functions are key elements of stevedore.

The Stevedore services provided by AARAS having vast experience of conventional loading/unloading, project cargo discharging, HRC/CRC discharging, grab discharging including wheat, rice, fertilizer and scrap, we have both peel grab and bucket grab which is being used as per the requirement of cargo.

AARAS Stevedore team is well capable to make planning and supervising of lifting, loading, stowage, lashing, welding and securing of Super Cargo on board the vessel with entire satisfaction of Cargo Owner and Ship Master.

AARAS Stevedore is well experienced to handle the cargo of General Cargo Vessel, Bulk Vessel, RO/RO Vessel, Liquid Cargo Vessel and Semi-Submergible Vessel.

AARAS Stevedore has the honor to handle Semi-Submergible Vessel and discharged/float Super Cargo at off shore (some kilometers away from Karachi Port and Qasim Port in deep sea).

Safe & Secure

A team of professionals, experience in dealing all kinds of freight movements includes Air Freight, Ocean Freight & Land Freight give us the expertise need to move your valuable shipments with maximum safety.

Easy & Convenient

Our services being available at a ring of a bell, AARAS offers Door-to-Door facility and various tailor-made freight movements that you prefer the best.



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