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AARAS has a worldwide network across the Seven Seas and its vast mainland, AARAS is capable to handle a large portion of freight movement across the world no matter the movement is Air Freight, Ocean Freight or Land Freight, we have the strategies to move any shipment with no trouble and with specified period of time.

AARAS ensures that shipments like Personal Effects, Consumer Goods, General Goods and Perishable Goods must reach to destination in its original condition and AARAS keeps close monitoring of shipments right from departure to destination with newer technologies and a team of dedicated staff to make the tracking of shipments efficiently and reliably by all means.


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How it Works

Planning & Process:

We are ensuring that your shipments will be managed efficiently and delivered on time through proper planning and our proven process


Always in the Right Direction

Easy and Convenient

Our services being available at a ring of a bell, AARAS offers Door-to-Door facility and various tailor-made freight movements that you prefer the best.


Safe & Secure

A team of professionals, experience in dealing all kinds of freight movements includes Air Freight, Ocean Freight & Land Freight give us the expertise need to move your valuable shipments with maximum safety.


With a sharp sense for the latest know how’s, AARAS Shipping Agencies is keen on using advanced process for execution and forecast of freight movements. This allows our customers to maintain a tandem flow in their operations.


Track & Trace

To keep your shipments visible at all times from departure to its destinations, AARAS Shipping Agencies deploy latest technologies that track every movement of a cargo with spotless clarity.


Tips & Choices

Shipping standard and regulations being distinct across the world, it is important to tha AARAS Shipping Agencies have experienced freighters to hand over your shipments. With our huge networks and famous affiliates, documentation and movement becomes irritations-free at any given port with the maximum safety.


In the world of Shipping & Logistics, especially the fairs & events shipments, we understand that the importance on timing is wrap-up. Hence, any and every shipment, AARAS move is treated with complete to meet customer timelines operations.

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